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Ellingham And Placenames

Ellingham And Placenames
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Ellington is a circle of relatives name and an area name.Ellington is a civil parish in Norfolk, England. it covers an area of five.sixty one km 2 (2.17 sq.mi) and had a population of 532 in 238 households on the 2001 census,[1] the population increasing to 554 in 248 families at the 2011 census.[2] it lies about 2 miles (3.2 km) from bungay and 4 miles (6.four km) from beccles. different near cities to the village include diss (16 miles) and gt. yarmouth (17 miles).

Ellingham And Placenames

Travel to and from Ellingham

Ellingham lies alongside the a143 avenue which runs from gt. yarmouth in norfolk to haverhill in suffolk. in march 2002, ellingham and the close by village of broome had been bypassed by using this street which consequently, divided the bigger side of ellingham, now known as ellingham ‘east’, with the smaller side, referred to as ellingham ‘west’.

The village used to have a rail link, with ellingham railway station at the waveband valley line which went from tivetshall to beccles.

The River Waveney

Ellingham mill is at the river waveney.[3]

At the western side of ellingham, is ellingham corridor, an 18th-century manor residence owned by means of the smith family, in which julian assange, net activist, became confined in 2011.

Ellingham And Placenames

Ellingham in the media

At some stage in December 2010, ellingham became a area often covered by means of and stated inside the information and current media, while ellingham hall became the brand new home for Wikileaks founder julian assange. assange was launched on bail on situation that he stayed at a fixed deal with – namely ellingham corridor, which cutting-edge owner vaughan smith supplied as a brief location of residence for him.


Clare turned into born in montefalco, in umbria, probable inside the year 1268.[1] she became born into a properly-to-do family, the daughter of damiano and iacopa vengente.[2] her father, damiano, had built a hermitage within the town of montefalco. clare’s older sister joan (giovanna in italian) and her friend andreola lived as franciscan tertiaries in that hermitage as a part of the secular third order of st. francis. in 1274, whilst clare become six years of age, the bishop of spoleto approved joan to receive more sisters, and it was at this time that clare joined the 1/3 order of st. francis (secular), getting into the hermitage and adopting the franciscan habit.[1] in 1278, the network had grown sufficiently big that they had to construct a bigger hermitage further from city.

Ellingham And Placenames

In 1290, clare, her sister joan, and their companions sought to enter the monastic existence in a greater strict feel, and that they made utility to the bishop of spoleto. because the 0.33 order of st. francis (ordinary) become now not but hooked up, the bishop mounted their monastery in montefalco according to the guideline of st. augustine. clare made her vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and became an augustinian nun. her sister joan was elected as the first abbess, and their small hermitage (constructed and funded via their father) changed into dedicated as a monastery. on november 22, 1291, joan died, and then clare turned into elected abbess. she became initially reluctant to just accept her position, however did so after the intervention of the bishop of spoleto.[1]

1294 was a decisive yr in clare’s non secular life. for the duration of the party of the epiphany, after creating a fashionable confession in the front of all her fellow nuns, she fell into ecstasy and remained in that state for numerous weeks. for the reason that she turned into not able even to devour all through this period, the other nuns sustained clare’s existence by means of feeding her sugar water. throughout this time, clare stated having a imaginative and prescient wherein she noticed herself being judged in the front of god.

Clare additionally mentioned having a vision of jesus dressed as a negative visitor. she described his countenance as being overwhelmed via the load of the move and his body as displaying signs and symptoms of fatigue. at some stage in the vision, clare knelt in the front of him, and at the same time as trying to stop him she asked, “my lord, where art thou going?” jesus responded her: “i’ve appeared all around the global for a robust location in which to plant this cross firmly, and i have no longer found any”. after she reached for the cross, making recognized her preference to help him deliver it, he stated to her: “clare, i’ve observed a place for my cross here. i’ve finally observed a person to whom i can believe mine pass,” and he implanted it in her heart. clare took her perception on this vision severely. the relaxation of her years were spent in pain and struggling, but she endured to joyfully serve as abbess, teacher, mother and non secular directress of her nuns. at the same time as clare’s reputation for holiness and awareness attracted site visitors to the monastery of the holy pass, she proved to be worldly-smart and canny in the way she governed her monastery. she become careful no longer to disrupt the communal concord and the vital everyday management of the monastery’s home affairs.

In 1303, clare became able to build a church in montefalco which might no longer best function a chapel for the nuns, but also as a church for the city. the primary stone became blessed by way of the bishop of spoleto on june 24, and that day the church become devoted to the holy go (santa croce in italian).

Clare had served as abbess for 16 years. through august 1308, she had become so sick that she turned into bedridden. on august 15, she requested to acquire severe unction, and on day after today she despatched for her brother to come back to the monastery. clare made her remaining confession on august 17,[2] and died at approximately forty years of age inside the convent on august 18


Immediately following clare’s demise her heart turned into removed from her body, and upon inspection it changed into mentioned that symbols of christ’s passion, a crucifix and a plague, were determined within her coronary heart.[3][4][5] different historians report that an “autopsy” became carried out and a small crucifix turned into determined in her heart and 3 gallstones were observed in her gallbladder, which had been taken as a symbol of the holy trinity.[6] upon listening to the news of those signs, the vicar of the bishop of spoleto traveled to montefalco “burning with indignation” suspecting that the nuns of the convent had planted the symbols. a fee which includes physicians, jurists, and theologians become assembled to conduct an investigation, which ultimately “dominated out the opportunity of fabrication or artifice”.[3] the vicar of the bishop of spoleto, who got here to montefalco as an inquisitor eager to punish the ones responsible for fraud, got here to be satisfied of the authenticity of the findings after personally verifying that the signs and symptoms were not the result of trickery.[3] but, doubts as to the veracity of the findings continued even at the canonization proceedings, which have been fraught with conflicts inclusive of a challenge from the franciscans that clare should not be canonized as a saint of the order of saint augustine due to the fact she had been a franciscan tertiary.[3] at some point of the proceedings tommaso boni, a franciscan from foligno and previously chaplain to clare’s community, stated that he suspected that the “symbols in her heart had been planted by a nun from foligno”; furthermore that john pulicinus, who were chaplain on the time of clare’s dying, had hostile the veneration of the symbols found in her heart.[3][7]

The crucifix reportedly determined within clare’s coronary heart is about the size of a thumb.[8] christ’s head leans barely toward the proper arm of the crucifix, and his body is white, except for the “tiny aperture inside the right aspect that’s a furious reddish color.”[8] the scourge and crown of thorns are seemingly fashioned through whitish nerve fibers, and the 3 nails are shaped of a darkish fibrous tissue.[8]

The frame of saint clare is now reduced to bones. a statue of her body is on display to pilgrims inside the crypt of the basilica of st. clare in montefalco in a glass sarcophagus; the bones are on display inside the rear of the sarcophagus however can simplest be visible by means of nuns who have get right of entry to to the rear of the crypt. her heart is displayed for veneration at the same church.[9]

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